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Having the Courage to Protect Our Kids and Teens

In this episode, we are honored to speak with Laura Evans. A successful professional, Evans has serv...

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Love Hacks: 5 Small Habits that Fuel the Fire

Do you know how to be a lover AND a fighter? Here are 5 ways we keep love alive while growing two bu...

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Pursuing Family Health: Feelings Off, Commitment On! (A Special Guest Podcast from Strategic Families)

This week we are sharing an episode of the Strategic Families podcast. We had so much fun recording ...

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The Five Love Languages and How to Apply Them To Your Relationship with Teenagers.Love + Money Podcast on SpotifyInterview with Author, Gary Chapman

The question is not: Do you love your child or teenager?The question is: Do they FEEL loved?In this ...

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The Gift of Challenges

Janelle and Andrew break down the difference between problems that inevitably arise, and "challenges...

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