Having the Courage to Protect Our Kids and Teens

In this episode, we are honored to speak with Laura Evans. A successful professional, Evans has served as the Senior Exec of several billion-dollar companies. In the midst of that success, her family came face to face with sexual abuse when her child nearly died by suicide.How could this happen? The circumstances might surprise you.One in 10 children are abused before age 18, 60% never tell when it’s happening. Twenty percent of victims are under age 8. Love PLUS Money  is dedicated to supporting healthy families, physically, mentally and emotionally. We hope that by bringing this tough issue to the surface, it equips you with more tools to support and protect your kids. Tune in to learn:- How to create an environment at home that facilitates open conversation (and some tips for the busy career parent.- Words to use and NOT use when asking vulnerable questions. - Why we cannot push aside this topic because we “live in a nice neighborhood,” “know the parents,” or because we “don’t do sleepovers.
Visit to learn how to comfortably start (or continue) these age-appropriate conversations.  Also, to learn the tactics of how offenders manipulate, how to report abuse, consequences of abuse, and statistics about the issue.