Let's Talk Wellness 

Wellness for High-Achievers

As a former nurse and personal trainer, “wellness” has been a part of us professionally for almost 20 years. There was a time when we both thought “wellness” encompassed the physical body alone- so that’s what we talked about! But now we know that we can’t talk about wellness without talking about our mental fitness. How mentally sharp we feel, how we bounce back from stressful situations, how rested we wake up each morning…

We now know that when we are stressed, overwhelmed, feeling anxious, lack focus... our physical body responds negatively. We start craving different foods, we have tension, we get used to that “bloat.” Yet! Our bodies are brilliant in how they signal us for change. 

So you are going to hear us talk WELLNESS with a totally FRESH approach. Because we know that if you are feeling your best mentally— that your drive will increase for work and for your home life. We know that you will also be experiencing a better, more balanced mood and the people you love the most are probably going to be the first to notice. Finally, your sleep will be more sound, so you can fully show up as the powerhouse that you are. 

So let’s take that first step in designing a program for your whole-body wellness. This is what we do!

Gut  Brain Connection

It's a new world when you can mentally handle the day to day challenges and feel like you have more to give at the end of the day.

 If you are like many high-achievers, you may be living with high-functioning anxiety, low-drive, an irritable digestive system, crappy sleep, tension headaches... just to name a few.  We help you see that these symptoms are simply a "Check Engine Light." We help you go upstream... and address it at the core.

The world is not benefited by you playing small! so let's get those neurotransmitters firing on all cylinders. We can direct you with holistic approaches and with the topics we cover in our podcast!

Gone are the days of simply, "take your vitamins." 

Whether you are thinking about you, your spouse or a kiddo in your life, we offer another option. A holistic, science-backed approach. Speaking of products - IT's TRUE. The award-winning product line we use with Amare Global changed our days.

The brain fog & food allergies (Janelle), the digestion/gut issues (all of us) the wacky hormones (Andrew) and our focus/attention (both again) was what we had considered "normal" before making a pivot. 

                                                 We call it being "Mentally Fit." 

So when we talk WELLNESS we are looking at the WHOLE PERSON. Body - Mind - Spirit!

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We can make that pivot TODAY. How can we best support your mental and physical well-being?