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Coaching Packages

8 week coaching course plus monthly LIVE Business Strategy
Includes: Weekly course to work through on your own timing, plus a monthly Live zoom where we answer YOUR questions and give you the chance to (anonymously, if you prefer) be in the “hot seat” and get direct input. (quote about learning and growing together) Also includes workbook for the 8 weeks and all downloads. 
Price: $1,299 * Enrollment Opens September 15th-  Get on the list by submitting form below!
Private Business Coaching - The Mentor Package
Do you have a clear strategy for your business? How about a strategy that directly focuses on your fulfillment outside of work? This package is built to guide you in producing consistent and measurable results as a leader. Andrew brings his years as a Results Coach with Tony Robbins to the present moment where business owners are so hungry to feel fulfillment personally but question how that fits in with current demands and urgencies of business.

If you know Andrew, you know he shoots straight! Discover what is holding you back from that next level and create new habits that serve you, your family while skyrocketing your business growth. 
Includes: Initial Business Mapping. Monthly Strategy Session plus 3 additional monthly coaching sessions along with the ability to schedule 15 minute calls when critical input is needed. Automatic access to all coaching courses as a paying client.

Price: $2,800/month  (price break for 6 & 12 month plans). Book a consult to discuss pricing by completing contact form below
Mental Wellness Coaching with Janelle, RN, BSN CMWC
It’s time to RISE and THRIVE! This 6 week coaching program is for men and women who know they thrive with a PLAN, ACCOUNTABILITY and when it’s FUN. 
🔹 Unshackle the insecurities. Learn the keys Janelle has learned against self-sabotage and let’s tap into that confidence of yours!
🔹 No more saying “TOMORROW I WILL____” 
🔹 Dive deep with us on the best foods and meals for drive, mood, sleep and metabolism. 
🔹 Get a grip on your nutrition and implement new, empowering habits.
🔹 Finally understand your body and what works best for your natural wiring
Includes: 30 minute personal session with Janelle, along with 2 week check-ins throughout the course.  Weekly group coaching session for the 8 weeks (with 48 hour access to recordings) Workbook, Recipe downloads and newly-released book we will be using over the 8 weeks! 
Next course begins Friday, October 1st  with the EARLY-BIRD PRICE: $440 (until September 25th).  Regular Price $625
You’ve been taking care of everyone and everything else. Let’s get YOU succeeding here.
Become a Wellness Partner

If we have already connected on becoming a Wellness Partner and you are ready to jump in, click above! Bonus, you get access to 7 mindset skills training right away!

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