Women and Dragons

We can't talk "business" without asking this question: How often do you wish you had better communication in your relationships?  This is part 2 of our most popular podcast to date: "Succeeding in Love." Get READY!

Today we go deep with  COMMUNICATION. How we can better understand both the masculine and the feminine as we learn the 3 Levels of Masculinity- and 3 Levels of Femininity.

How  can we have more self awareness so we have healthy, vibrant relationships while taking business to the top? Buckle up for the Love Plus Money RIDE with the Devs!

Top 5:
1.  Recognize our Identity is the strongest driving force
2.  Be the person who pushes the swing
3.  Women and Dragons  (Now you know)
4.   Understanding the Three Levels
5.  Expect the Test.

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