The 15 Minute Organizational Reset (Special Guest, Tracy Lynn)

Janelle joins Tracy Lynn, the master of decluttering, to talk about simple ways to create systems that keep your home, and your life, clutter free.  Ah!

Show notes: It’s no secret that an organized home helps us tap into our best performance. Our mind can be clear, we can better focus and creativity and resourcefulness can THRIVE.  Then- Real Life😫 

You’re raising a family, running a business and the house feel anything BUT peaceful.  (Anyone else tempted to throw in the towel with unmet home expectations?) So today we help you get down to 
5 actionable steps that will move you  forward THIS WEEK!

We are honored to have Tracy Lynn of Declutter In Minutes speaking to busy families on today’s podcast! You will learn the magic of the High Action Basket and the Weekly Planning basket. We talk about a few options to optimize your sleep space

Tracy gives a brilliant solution to managing kids’ toys and books and she even brings in the grandparents. YESSSS. By having a plan that fits your family, you can keep your space functionally organized. Your focus will be at the heart of your home, and you can start today by implementing the 15 Minute Room Reset. 

This podcast is a GEM for the busy family. Love to hear your greatest takeaways!


💜 We love you, Tracy! Thank you for these insights that have 
changed our home flow this year!

Find out more About Tracy’s work over at  Declutter in Minutes  


How Do We Stay On Top Of It All?

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