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Finding the Gift in Your Challenge

You read that title right – problems are gifts. Now, before you tune out, please know that this is not another “just think positive” pep talk! We all have real life problems and putting a positive spin on them doesn’t make them magically go away. So that is not what we are going to suggest. Rather, we want to take a look at the opportunities that our problem...

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Home Decluttering Made Simple

How would having a family home decluttering plan change your days? We recently talked on our podcast ( Love PLUS Money ) with Tracy Lynn of Declutter in Minutes and she shared so many great tips with us about how to declutter your home. We had such an awesome time with her and we’ve broken that conversation down for you here! Small Steps Big projects … like ...

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Devlin-Tested Love Tips to Keep the Fire ALIVE!

Relationships are hard work. Most of us already know this. But sometimes we can get tricked by the culture around us into thinking that good relationships should be easy.  The fact of the matter is, that after 17+ years of marriage, we’ve learned through good and rough times that real relationships require effort. Putting in the required work makes good rela...

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